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ZSK Strumica was founded in 1969.  Located in the heart of the Strumica Valley, ZSK is surrounded on both sides with the mountains Belasica and Ograzden.  The location of the company, the clean air, the sun, and the natural mountain waters are an excellent resource for the production of ecologically clean and healthy products. The company was privatized by DOOEL GNA in 2003 and consists of a ranch, storage facilities, and 660 hectares of farmland that is used for the production of animal feed to satisfy the needs of the ranch.  Presently, the ranch has 900 high quality cows.  

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  •  The feed is grown organically and attributes to the excellent quality of the milk that is produced on the ranch at the present rate of 5 tons a day with tendencies of growing up to 8 tons.A team of veterinary doctors and assistants are responsible for the daily care of the animals and the quality of the milk.  Additionally, the quality of the milk is tested monthly by the institute in Skopje.Though already very successful, ZSK strives to continually improve the technology used in the company, increase the number of cows and the daily production of milk, and improve the quality of the milk produced.  There are also plans to increase the production of animal feed not only to satisfy the needs within the company but also for external sale.

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